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Our Services

At AV Fire Fighting System, our work culture and policies are moulded to suit the inherent mindset of the people who work with us. We create a focused interest towards the job, which in turn leads to an intrinsic loyalty towards the organization.

The work culture at AV Fire Fighting System is an embodiment of imagination, enjoyment,and a committed work ethic. We believe that people do their best work, if they derive some amount of joy from it. Unique Systems promotes an open and all inclusive work culture. The atmosphere at work is comfortable and relaxed, which makes for an increase in productivity and efficacy.

An ambassador for their business -Teams who believe in a distinctive "one team" ethos engineered around blending seamlessly with the operational and aesthetic requirements of each client

Real innovative concepts and practices to both maximise resource efficiencies and sustainability whilst introducing cutting edge and pioneering solutions.

A clear passion for distancing ourselves from the commonly held belief that facilities management can never be considered a first class service offering

Empowered, multi-skilled people who are characterised through their confident and assertive endeavours and their combined ability to create a lasting executive presence.

AV Fire Fighting System operates across the India within all major market sectors meeting diverse challenges, delivering distinct solutions whilst driving our unique vision.

The external fire fighting system, is fully integrated with the vessel. Power source is very often the main engine to utilize the vacant power during station keeping and manoeuvring during fire fighting operations. The power is transferred to the pumps via remote operated clutch and necessary transmission.

The water jet is created in the monitor outlet by pressing water at optimum speed trough the special designed monitor nozzle.

The reaction force must be compensated by the vessel propulsion and manoeuvring system for station keeping.

The system may also include self-protection deluge system (Water Spray) with water taken from the pumps and / or various types of foam systems.

It is important to have the complete system operation in mind during design process for optimum performance at minimum power consumption and equipment cost.

We offer comprehensive fire detection and alarm systems that integrate easily with our other security offerings. Our intelligent, innovative products are user-friendly, scalable and highly reliable. Addressable & conventional control panels and detectors,

• Smoke, heat, linear heat and flame detectors
• Emergency lighting systems
• Alarming equipment & other peripherals

Fire & Life Safety Smoke, heat and flame detectors, along with notification appliances,emergency lighting systems and other Peripherals can be integrated into our security management system. In case of fire, emergency exists are automatically unlocked and illuminated, and ventilation is set to safety mode.

Fire Detection Method works in two way
1. Conventional Fire Detection system.
2. Advanced Addressable Fire Detection System.

With Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing dual vision sensing technology, a LED detects extremely low concentrations of smoke. An infrared laser identifies nuisances like dust that can cause false alarms and downtime. Advanced algorithms interpret signals from both sources to meet a single purpose — the earliest and most accurate smoke detection available.Dual vision is only one of the unique innovations that make the Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology from System Sensor the new standard for Very Early Warning Fire Detection.The intelligent fire detection and alarm system and panels from us have a modular

Construction and provide new features for Efficient and reliable fire safety.The full range of intelligent fire detection system can connect with conventional detectors with the system.

Along with fire extinguisher, all the commercial and residential buildings are required by law,to have Automatic Fire Fighting Systems like hydrant valve, nozzles, hose coupling and more.These equipment’s are used to form a complete Wet Riser System to ensure firefighting arrangements for more intense and dangerous fires. It contains a more powerful and effective agent than other conventional extinguishers It is ergonomically designed for convenience in Fire Detection and Alarm Systems handling Easily withstands the high pressure It is corrosion free and exhibits a glossy appearance Comes with an imported pressure gauge facilitating readiness all the time.

We can undertake the Turnkey projects up to commissioning stage for different types of fire protection systems, viz. Fire hydrant systems Long range intelligent addressable wireless and manual fire alarm and detection systems Gas flooding systems Automatic sprinkler systems All types of fire extinguishers and fighting equipment and systems. It is easily visible exhibiting a unique night glow Its comfort aspect ensures easy handling It has a controllable discharge mechanism Comes with zero maintenance.

Versatile built-in control logic enables easy control of both passive as well as active fire protective equipment and even a three-stage alert and evacuation alarm.Securing people, property and data is mission critical to the success of your business, regardless of the industry you’re in. By nature, most of this work happens behind the scenes.Until something goes wrong.

How can you improve your security picture and optimize existing investments?

Let us help you develop the most advanced and flexible security solution possible—based on industry best practices—one that is agile enough to respond to the security needs of today and tomorrow.

1. Installation of CCTV Camera on each essential locations
2. Installation of Central Monitoring system.
3. Integration of all monitoring station to a remote based monitoring system.
4. Surveillance with advance software based technology.
5. Installation of Access Control System ( Proximity based / Bio-Metric based ).
6. Electromagnetic Lock to the entrance doors, which will get open only after authority of the Access Control System(Proximity based / Bio-Metric based ).
7. Network based architecture.
8. Internet Protocol based digital surveillance system.
9. Every system have full database back up.
10. Quality of products and service will be at up to the mark.

Our integrated video solutions offer powerful benefits such as:

• Automatic display of camera views per alarm or access event.
• View video at up to 30 frames per second and bandwidth-grade resolution.
• Powerful video analytics processing on the system or at the edge.
• Easy storage, search and control of digital recordings on hard disk.
• Integrated pan/tilt /zoom controls to view every area effectively.
• Support for analogue and IP hardware, protecting your investments in existing systems

while providing a future-proof path for digital/IP migration.AV Fire Fighting System integrates intrusion detection devices with your overall security network. Send intrusion alarms, create reports, and graphically view security incidents on the workstation. Intrusion events can trigger automatic responses. For example, a glass-break alarm can cause a video feed to pop up on the workstation. Get a complete security overview for:

• Motion detection
• Cabinet tamper
• Glass break
• Duress
• Arm/disarm zones
• Digital dialler integration

Intrusion Detection When zones are activated, motion sensors and window contacts detect intrusion and send alarms to command central. These same detectors can be used to regulate lighting, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems based on room occupancy.